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Bari Airport Transfers & Taxis

Taxis are available 24 hours a day from the taxi rank that is located just outside of the arrivals hall. They are a more expensive option than taking the train or the bus, but passengers find them far more convenient, especially if they have heavy luggage or are travelling with small children as they offer a door to door service.

There are 2 main taxi companies who are officially regulated and serve the airport. These are:

Regulated taxis in Italy are painted white, have a taxi sign on the roof and have an identification sign on the driver's door. Although the airport does their best to stop unregulated taxis, there can be unofficial drivers offering a cheaper service, but these should be avoided. They can change their fare when you reach your destination and there is nothing you can do about unfair charges as they are unregulated.


Regulated taxis must all have a taxi meter and use them on every journey. The tariffs they charge are all set by the local transport body so all official taxis will charge the same rate; however, journeys to and from the airport have a fixed fee so the rates shown on the meter are irrelevant. The rates are based on the area you are travelling to or from and are as follows:

  • €15.00 to or from Palese, San Paolo and the industrial zone
  • €18.00 to or from Santo Spirito, Enziteto and Catino
  • €21.00 to or from S. Girolamo, Stanic, Fiera del Levante, Marconi and Fesca
  • €23.00 to or from Murat, S. Nicola, Libertà and the central station
  • €25.00 to or from Madonnella, Picone, Poggio Franco, Carrassi and San Pasquale
  • €27.00 to or from Carbonara, Ceglie, Mungivacca (compreso via Amendola)
  • €30.00 to or from Loseto, Japigia, S. Anna and S. Giorgio
  • €35.00 to or from Torre a mare

For most passenger going to the city centre, the fixed fee will be €23.00 and you can expect a journey time of around 25 minutes in normal traffic conditions.

If you are travelling further than these areas, or if you are catching a taxi that is not going to or from the airport, a distance-based tariff is applied. This tariff includes an initial fee, price per kilometre and a waiting charge for the period you are stopped in traffic. The tariffs also vary by day and night, where day rates are between 06:00 and 22:00 and night charges are outside of these hours or on an official holiday. It is also the responsibility of the passenger to pay for motorway tolls but the driver must inform you beforehand.

Day Rates:

  • Initial Fee: €3.00
  • Cost Per Kilometre: €0.80
  • Waiting Fee: €20.00 per hour

Night/Holiday Rates:

  • Initial Fee: €5.00
  • Cost Per Kilometre: €0.80
  • Waiting Fee: €20.00 per hour

It is important to note that most taxis can only carry 4 passengers so if you are in a group of more than 4, you will need multiple taxis. In the event that a Taxi is licenced to carry more than 4 passengers, the tariff charges will/be increased by 20% per extra person.

Private Transfers

If you are travelling in a group, or if you want to travel in more luxury but still have a door to door service, there are private transfer options available. These are not like unregulated taxis, they are professional companies which you can book and pay in advance for the destination you wish to go to.

One of the most highly rated services is ShuttleDirect, who provide private transfers and thousands of destinations across the world. They offer a mix of large minibuses, luxury and economy cars with a private driver who will meet you personally in the arrivals hall and assist you with your luggage.

You can get a quote for this type of service here or fill out the form below.